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Welcome to the quiet suburb nestled around three golf courses just north of Kansas City, Missouri. The residents enjoy small-town life within minutes of all Kansas City has to offer. The elite membership enjoys multiple golf courses, swimming pools, fitness center, tennis and pickleball courts, and a sprawling clubhouse with multiple restaurants.

Ladies of the Links #1 Gibson
Ladies of the Links #1 Gibson
Ladies of the Links #1 Gibson
Ladies of the Links #1 Gibson

Ladies of the Links #1 Gibson

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It’s tee time and she has a salacious secret. Will a spicy arrangement lead to a rumor mill disaster or happily ever after?

Gibson is living the good life. While her tight-knit group of ladies keeps her laughing and entertained, there’s nothing she enjoys more than steamy nights with her adoring husband. And she steadfastly ignores their ridiculously handsome house guest and his six-pack abs… until her spouse asks her to consider something more?
Gibson worries loose lips will trigger juicy gossip and silence will change the connection with her girls. But as temptation overrides any inhibitions, she fears the sexy new status quo could ruin her marriage forever.

Will she discover that love can come in threes?

Ladies of the Links Book #1 is the provocative first story in the Ladies of the Links contemporary romance series. If you like loyal heroines, and smoking hot scenes then you’ll thrill to Haley Rhoades’s throes of passion.

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