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Lynks at Tryst Falls Country Club

At the club, the grass is green and freshly manicured, the landscaping is pristine, the pool is cool, and the club house is hopping. Here the elite play every day and party every night.


      🌶Steamy Romances By Haley Rhoades

      The grass isn't always greener, even at the country club. Ladies of the Links is a stand-alone series featuring a new club member in each novel. The series tropes include: 2nd Chance, single parent, enemies to lovers, close proximity, new adult, humor, MFM, football and golf, sports romance.

      My steamy romances contain detailed sex scenes, but are not erotica.  If you prefer your romance reads with off-page, closed-door sex scenes, check out these stories in a 💕sweet version under my pen name Brooklyn Bailey.

      Kirby eBook Releases 2/14/24

      A second-chance, close-proximity, new adult, sports romance.

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      Morgan eBook Releases 4/1/24

      A rock-star, secret-identity, sports romance.

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      The Grass Isn't Always Greener,

      Even at the Country Club.

      A rumor blog creates havoc among the elite membership of Lynks at Tryst Falls Country Club. Everyone fears when their secret might appear in a post.


      Boxed Set

      Contains: Gibson, Christy, and Brooks.