Stand-Alone Series

7 Cardinal Sins

When Lust Meets Fate, the 7 Cardinal Sins Await. In each installment of this stand-alone series, characters must overcome Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Pride, or Wrath in order to find a happily ever after.

Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
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Tattered and weary, life tosses Ryan more hardships than one should have to bear. Can yet another family illness bring her closer to the love she’s longing for?

Ryan and Lewis met during their college years and while they stayed in touch, they both went their separate ways.

The road of life is rarely straight, and Ryan deals with creating life, losing her love, handling loss, and enduring pain along the way. Ryan is a stay-at-home, single mom after suffering through her husband’s tragic death.

Lewis, an identical twin, and self-made millionaire makes his way through business deals around the world. Separating himself from his one true love, he even places an ocean between him and the married women that he desires. He’s far from Ryan’s side when he learns that she needs him most.

Once together, Ryan and Lewis hatch a long-term plan looking for a miracle to help avoid another tragic event in their lives. Can they overcome and find their true happily ever after?

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