Book Specials and Sales

Special #1:

2 Free eBooks Available Until Sunday, 5/31/10

2 of my Kindle books are free until the end of May. Grab your copy of Bend Don’t Break, 7 Deadly Sins: Envy, a stand-alone and Tailgates & Truck Dates, the Locals #1. The complete 4 book Locals Series is now available on Amazon.

Special #2:

Autographed Paperback Sale

Snag all of these paperbacks for $5. (save $2 or more per book)

Order via the link at the bottom of this page & receive 2 free codes to download my eBooks.

Hurry This Sale Won’t Last!

The Complete Locals Series

Bend Don’t Break (Stand-Alone) 7 Deadly Sins: Envy

$5 each (save $2 or more per book)

Autographed by the author

They Make Great Gifts, Weekend or Summer Reads.

Click the link below to order your copies before 7/1/20.