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Awesome story that I didn't want to end. So glad that Calvin and Schuyler found each other at the right time. Every story don't have to be perfect but I felt sorry for Schuyler for not being able to birth a child of own. However she had so much love inside her to give to children she didn't give birth. Both families were incredible and very close....

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This was a great read.....this is Book 2 in this series and this is my first book reading from this author.

The story gave me all the feels that I love about sports romance....second chances, friendship, banter, secrets and sizzle.

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A deep, emotional, coming of age story of Madison and Hamilton as a group of nine friends, graduating from high school and entering the next stage of their lives. I loved how the story initially focused more on the relationships and details of the group of friends, rather than solely focusing on the two main characters at the start...

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Are you looking for a fun-filled read about a group of friends living in Athens? No, not that Athens—but the small, rural Athens tucked away in the middle of nowhere. The story doesn’t revolve around one character but rather a cast, and Haley creates such vivid and three-dimensional folks that by the end you feel as if they’re your friends, too...

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This book I have to say draws you in with the characters. Carson not sure what made him stop at take second glance but Montana caught his eye and now the journey begins. This was beautiful written with the characters and scene a must read book and on to next one in the series

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Haley Rhoades

Haley Rhoades’s writing is another bucket-list item coming to fruition, just like meeting Stephen Tyler and Ozzie Smith, ghost-hunting, and skydiving. As she continues to write contemporary romance, she also writes sweet romance and young adult books under the name Brooklyn Bailey, as well as children’s books under the name Gretchen Stephens.

🌶🌶Steamy Contemporary Romance

💝💝Closed Door Contemporary Romance