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Remi & Nala's Playground

Remi & Nala are lifelong friends and can't wait to become your child's new friends as they learn new words on their adventures.

Remi & Nala

Meet the Friends

Meet The Friends

Book #1

Word: Introduce

Remi & Nala

The Friends Meet

The Friends Meet

Book #2

Word: Unique

Remi & Nala

the sleepover

The Sleepover

Book #3

Word: Share


The Sibling

The Sibling

Book #4

Word: Jealous

Nala Loves to Read

When she gets the chance she always loves to help learn

Remi and Nala will always sit and listen as they love to hear about their stories with their favorite people in the world.


reading and taking car Rides

Whenever possible, going on a trip in the car is one of her most favorite things to do. She loves the wind in her face and looking at all the hoomans in cars as they pass smiling at her.