Tailgates & First Dates

Tailgates & First Dates

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Sometimes the one thing you are looking for is the one thing you can’t see. A tragedy, a death, and a new look on life, can Madison find a way to move forward when everything is abruptly disrupted?

 Madison is learning to deal with the death of her abusive mother, while witnessing the horrifying accident of her adopted mother. Her small town continues to pull her back to the place she is trying so hard to forget. Raising Liberty, finishing college, and working on her writing career consumes her time but is becoming more than one person can do on their own.

Hamilton’s career is flourishing as he gets the opportunity to pitch in the World Series for the Chicago Cubs. He can’t shake the feeling that something is still missing, and when he learns Madison needs him most, it’s time for him to return.

Something lovely often comes from weeks of despair. She’s not ready, but it’s time to reveal to Hamilton and his family their “secret.”

Tailgates and First Dates is the 3rd book in the Locals Series. This steamy, contemporary, new adult, sports romance novel will keep you guessing with captivating characters and real to life events.   

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Locals 4-Book Series

Welcome to Athens

Come enjoy the quiet two-stoplight small-town life in Athens, Missouri. Neighbors wave as they pass, kids ride their bikes in the street, children play at the park, and dogs run loose. Surrounded by farmland, this little town supplies all it's residents need.

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