Ladies of the Links #4 Kirby (PreOrder)

Ladies of the Links #4 Kirby (PreOrder)

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Releasing: 3/15/24

The grass is not always greener, even at the country club.

A rumor blog continues to stir up drama for a tight-knit group of friends at the Lynks at Tryst Falls Country Club.

Kirby must drop out of college when her parents pass away. While insurance paid off the house and cars, it left very little for Kirby to live on. She works several part time jobs to keep her head about water.

Mickey learns his roommate's getting married. He must move out to make way for a pregnant fiancé. His family lives out of state, and he can’t afford much on his public-school teacher’s salary.


When friends at the country club suggest the two become roommates to save money, the two agree.

They enjoy hanging out together, but both hide a secret.

Ladies of the links Series

Lynks at Tryst Falls Country Club

Welcome to the quiet suburb nestled around three golf courses just north of Kansas City, Missouri. The residents enjoy small-town life within minutes of all Kansas City has to offer. The elite membership enjoys multiple golf courses, swimming pools, fitness center, tennis and pickleball courts, and a sprawling clubhouse with multiple restaurants.

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