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Lynks at Tryst Falls Country Club

Welcome to the quiet suburb nestled around three golf courses just north of Kansas City, Missouri. The residents enjoy small-town life within minutes of all Kansas City has to offer. The elite membership enjoys multiple golf courses, swimming pools, fitness center, tennis and pickleball courts, and a sprawling clubhouse with multiple restaurants.

Ladies of the Links #4 Kirby

Ladies of the Links #4 Kirby

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Kirby Seager becomes the latest target in the rumor blog as the country club community continues to pass judgement on their not-so-wholesome neighbors. Will Kirby overcome the scrutiny to find love and happiness she so deserves?

A tale of second chances, and the courage to be true to oneself. Ladies of the Links #4, follows a young woman struggling to keep her family’s legacy afloat after the loss of her parents. Juggling multiple jobs and the weight of financial pressure, Kirby finds solace in the anonymity of her secret side hustle as a stripper.

Mickey Bell, a charismatic teacher, harboring secrets of his own, becomes Kirby’s unexpected roommate and steadfast friend. As they navigate the complexities of life together, Kirby finds herself drawn to Mickey in ways she can’t explain.

Kirby lands her dream job as a head chef at a prestigious vineyard restaurant. A chance at a new beginning, her past threatens to unravel her carefully constructed facade when the next rumor post hits social media.

As truths begin to reveal and old memories resurface, Kirby and Mickey must confront their fears and insecurities, realizing that their connection runs deeper than they ever imagined. With newfound understanding and acceptance, they embark on a journey of rediscovery allowing themselves to embrace the possibility of a future together.

Ladies of the Links #4 is a passionate story of love, forgiveness, and the transformative power of honesty, reminding us that sometimes, the greatest love stories are the ones we never saw coming.

Grab a copy today of Ladies of the Links #4, a second chance, close proximity, sports romance book in the stand-alone Ladies of the Links Series.


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