GRAB all 4 with 1 CLICK! Newest Series!...Ladies of the Links Paperback bundle

GRAB all 4 with 1 CLICK! Newest Series!...Ladies of the Links Paperback bundle

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The grass isn’t always greener, even at country club. As the rumor blogs continue to circulate through social media channels, the drama creates quite the calamity. Can the women of Tryst Falls Country Club hold their once tight-knit clique together?

Gibson: It’s tee time and she has a salacious secret. Will a spicy arrangement lead to a rumor mill disaster or happily ever after? Gibson is living the good life. While her tight-knit group of ladies keeps her laughing and entertained, there’s nothing she enjoys more than steamy nights with her adoring husband. She steadfastly ignores their ridiculously handsome house guest and his six-pack abs… until her spouse asks her to consider something more? Gibson worries loose lips will trigger juicy gossip and silence will change the connection with her girls. As temptation overrides inhibitions, will the sexy new status quo ruin her marriage forever, or will she discover that love can come in threes?

Christy: Club life is much more than golf. When the steamy secrets at the pool rise to the top, the juicy chatter leads to quite the calamity. Will disaster strike or lead to a happily ever after? As pool manager, Christy does a great job, and enjoys spending time with the children in the summer ensuring that all activities are safe and fun. The single mother of twins, she relishes the extra time spent with her girls. The club’s newest member, unexpectedly, gives her the surprise of her life. When Ryan Harper joins the club, Christy, is faced with a blast from the past that could reveal more than anyone might ever imagine. She finds herself with a hidden secret, a budding romance, and a new circle of friends. Will Ryan regret the past when he sees his own eyes staring back at him?

Brooks: Not your typical “Country Clubber,” Brooks, a local tattoo artist, stands out with her tattooed sleeves, dyed-black hair, and thick black eyeliner, accenting her bright-green eyes. Members often judge Brooks by her heavy-metal exterior, seldom getting to know the loving and loyal women beneath the hard candy shell. Through simple touch, Brooks’s “gift” reveals visions of a person’s life. Living without touch is a challenge, until a pompous, uptight, pretentious, clean-cut, stylish, sexy-as-hell man struts into her shoppe. Everything she knows is about to change.

Kirby: Kirby Seager becomes the latest target in the rumor blog as the country club community continues to pass judgement on their not-so-wholesome neighbors. Will Kirby overcome the scrutiny to find love and happiness she so deserves? A tale of second chances, and the courage to be true to oneself. Ladies of the Links #4, follows a young woman struggling to keep her family’s legacy afloat after the loss of her parents. Juggling multiple jobs and the weight of financial pressure, Kirby finds solace in the anonymity of her secret side hustle as a stripper. As truths begin to reveal and old memories resurface, Kirby and Mickey must confront their fears and insecurities, realizing that their connection runs deeper than they ever imagined. With newfound understanding and acceptance, they embark on a journey of rediscovery allowing themselves to embrace the possibility of a future together.

Join in the fun as Haley Rhoades takes you on a guided tour of this fun-loving neighborhood of not-so-wholesome neighbors. Tag along and enjoy multiple tropes including Sports, Second Chance, Opposites Attract, New adult and more. 

Lynks at Tryst Falls Country Club


Nestled around three golf courses near a small town north of Kansas City Missouri, the elite members enjoy multiple courses, pools, tennis and pickleball courts, and a sprawling club house with multiple restaurants and bars. Residents enjoy small-town life within minutes of all Kansas City has to offer.

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