Dusty Trail To Nowhere

Dusty Trail To Nowhere

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It’s easy to fall in love but hard to find someone that will catch you. Can Madison find a way to continue her love story with Hamilton, or will telling him about their child prove too much to bear?

Madison raises Liberty on her own, beginning her new life and contemplating going back to the small-town she so longed to leave. An unexpected visit from her best friend, reveals more than she planned. Madison now must find a way to keep the secret she desperately wants to hold.

Hamilton continues to thrive in Major League Baseball. Working his way through the Minor Leagues and landing in the pitching rotation of the Chicago Cubs. As the Cubs move through a record-breaking year, he becomes a big part of the club. An unexpected love for Madison continues to grow, and he is desperate to be with her.

As Madison’s secret grows, she enlists the help of her newfound family to raise Liberty until this secret is revealed.

Will Hamilton and Madison find their way to each other, or will their new lives keep them apart?

Dusty Trail to Nowhere is the closed door, second book in the Country Roads Series and will fill you full of emotion, love, and tenderness in this small-town, new adult, sports romance novel.

Read Dusty Trail to Nowhere and don’t miss out on catching this heartwarming novel today.

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