Cardinal Sins Omnibus 1
Cardinal Sins Omnibus 1

Cardinal Sins Omnibus 1

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Envy: Schuyler Dawes grieves for what could have been. After a tragic accident led to an unwanted hysterectomy, the college senior’s cherished hopes for a family are dead. But after a spring break in Mexico brings meaningful glances with a handsome guy, she wonders if it’s time to let down her walls. When lust meets fate, can these soulmates accept their destiny?

GluttonyContemplating college or career? A trip to Vegas to wind down after a grueling semester with her best friend, she’s regrouping and putting life into perspective. Some call it fate; others call it destiny, perhaps just a chance meeting, her life catapults in an entirely new direction.

Greed: For 19 years Sylvie Rice has lived her life to serve her husband and child. An untimely death opens the door to a world she only fantasized about. With her inheritance, Sylvie has been released and is once again wild, and free. New house, new car, new phone, she won’t be denied the luxuries once deprived of as she begins to live her best life.

Sloth: Life as she knows it, came crashing down in mere seconds. A horrific crime, a tragic accident, and an assumed alias. Kendall lives in a prison of her own making, living one day at a time with each day mimicking the day before. The world beyond her four walls continues to flourish without her, until a delivery mistake brings an unwanted intruder into her life. Can Kendall come to grips with the past, or will she allow it to control her life forever?

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