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Lynks at Tryst Falls Country Club

Welcome to the quiet suburb nestled around three golf courses just north of Kansas City, Missouri. The residents enjoy small-town life within minutes of all Kansas City has to offer. The elite membership enjoys multiple golf courses, swimming pools, fitness center, tennis and pickleball courts, and a sprawling clubhouse with multiple restaurants.

Morgan, Lynks at Tryst Falls #5 (Preorder) Releasing 10/1/24

Morgan, Lynks at Tryst Falls #5 (Preorder) Releasing 10/1/24

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The grass is not always greener, even at the country club.

A rumor blog continues to stir up drama for a tight-knit group of friends at the Lynks at Tryst Falls Country Club, and the members worry their secrets will soon be revealed.

A recently-divorced mother of two, Morgan struggles to raise her two sons alone, deal with her philandering ex, Brock, and his new younger woman at the club, and make ends meet. While she received the house in the divorce, she did not get alimony. The fifteen years she stayed at home to raise the boys, interferes with her ability to find a job. She tries her best to hide her anger at Brock’s indifference to the visitation schedule and their sons.

While her friends believe she continues her job hunt, Morgan found a job and makes good money. She believes her friends might judge her if they knew how she earns her income. She lives each day worried someone might find out.

Derek Fox hides in plain sight at the Lynks at Tryst Falls Country Club under an alias and wearing colored contacts. A feisty red head catches his eye along the course as he hunts for his golf ball. She haunts his thoughts and dreams for days to come. He arranges a chance meeting, and sparks fly between the couple.

While they have chemistry, it proves tough to maneuver with divorce drama, Morgan’s secret job, and Derek’s secret identity.

The rumor blog constantly divulging secrets and gossip weighs heavy on them both.

Will they open-up and share their secrets? Do they have what it takes to go the distance in this closed door, rockstar, sports romance series?

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