Stand-Alone Series

7 Cardinal Sins

When Lust Meets Fate, the 7 Cardinal Sins Await. In each installment of this stand-alone series, characters must overcome Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Pride, or Wrath in order to find a happily ever after.

Starting Over

Starting Over

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Rising from the ashes and rubble like a Phoenix.

For 19 years Sylvie Rice lived her life to serve her husband and child. An untimely death opens the door to a world she had only fantasized about. With her inheritance, Sylvie has been released and is once again wild and free. New house, new car, new phone, she won’t be denied the luxuries once deprived of as she begins to live her best life.

Stephen Kirshner, is a 25-year-old police officer that has the world in front of him. The ruggedly handsome cop operates by the book, but when he’s called to the new home for noise ordinance issues, the knock on the door could forever change his life.

Stephen and Sylvie’s lives continue to intersect like the lines of an infinity symbol. These two have lots in common and try as she might to deny this young man from her life, Stephen’s persistence will pay off. He’s naturally attracted to her quirky personality and carefree demeanor.

Can these two come together to find their happy every after, or is the age-gap too much to overcome?

Grab your copy of Starting Over, a closed door, age-gap, contemporary romance novel today!

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