Small Town to Big City

Boxers or briefs

Ali flees her small-town in the middle of the night. Only her brother knows she's in Kansas City. She has to leave. Memories haunt her around every corner. She needs a fresh start. Working temp jobs she struggles to make ends meet.

Boxers or Briefs
Boxers or Briefs
Boxers or Briefs
Boxers or Briefs

Boxers or Briefs

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They’re two sides of a coin and close pals to boot. Can one hopeless romantic possibly choose between these wonderful men?

Ali Cochran has perfected avoidance. After her best friend committed suicide, the twenty-one-year-old fled her small Missouri college and concerned family faces for the bright lights of Kansas City. But this lonely girl's improbable dreams start coming true when she lands two jobs and a pair of gorgeous bosses.

Bristling at one man’s gruff attorney demeanor, at first Ali gravitates toward the messy gym owner’s friendly openness. But when the fun-loving survivor sees the strait-laced lawyer playing with his nephew and niece, everything gets more complicated. 

Courted by complete opposites, can she untangle her emotions and recognize her soulmate?

Boxers or Briefs is a suspenseful standalone romance. If you like authentic characters, snarky humor, and steamy scenes, then you’ll love Haley Rhoades’s perfect path to forever.

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