Unhinged, 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath (Preorder) Releasing 11/1/24

Unhinged, 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath (Preorder) Releasing 11/1/24

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Releasing 11/1/24

A Leap Year's Day wedding proposal is the happiest day of Olivia and Elliot's life. But their happiness is short lived.

When Olivia drives home to tell Aunt Kim, she met a guy and they are getting married, she's attacked before she delivers her good news.

Lying in the hospital with amnesia, she believes she's 18 again, and Elliot does not exist to her.

After not hearing from Olivia, Elliot finds he knows very little about the woman he loves. A private person raised by her single aunt, Olivia shared. very little about her life before college at Iowa State. With no social media, when she doesn't answer the phone, he has no other way to reach her. If only he knew Aunt Kim's full name. He hires a private investigator to find his fiancé in the large metropolis of Kansas City. 

Rage builds within him with the news of her assault. 

A week passes. Olivia in her hospital bed, missing four years of her life, breaks Elliot's heart. It's hard to see his fiancé believe she's in love with her high school sweetheart, especially when the guy is a close family friend and visits her daily. Anger further festers as Elliot attempts to help Olivia remember the past four years, cope with her assault, heal from her physical injuries, and spend time daily with Olivia's ex.

Will Olivia regain her memory? Will Elliot learn to control is rage?


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