Tailgates & Twists of Fate
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Sometimes things don’t go as planned…It’s called life.  Can Madison put all the pieces together to find her happily ever after?

Madison loves the little family she’s created in Chicago and excited as their family begins to grow. Once again Madison feels drawn back to small town Missouri when her friends need her help. Madison and Hamilton’s dreams are finally coming true only to feel that Athens holds the ticket to their happiness. 

Hamilton’s career is still on the upswing, winning the World Series, and finding his soulmate in Madison. His heart is full with Liberty and can’t wait to continue building their family. As the season begins, tragedy strikes and threatens his life in the Major Leagues.

When Hamilton’s mother turns ill, it’s time for Madison and Hamilton to decide if big city dreams are better than small town values. 

Tailgates and Twist of Fate is the 4th  and final book in the Locals series. It’s a gripping steamy, new adult, sports romance novel, that will keep you emotionally engaged all the way to the end.

Buy Tailgates and Twist of Fate to slide into the finale of this heartwarming story of love, life and happiness.

Locals 4-Book Series

Welcome to Athens

Come enjoy the quiet two-stoplight small-town life in Athens, Missouri. Neighbors wave as they pass, kids ride their bikes in the street, children play at the park, and dogs run loose. Surrounded by farmland, this little town supplies all it's residents need.

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