Steamy Book Boutique

How do you like your romance steamy or sweet? On this page you will find my steamier stories. If PG13 is more your style, hop over to my Sweet Book Boutique for the same stories in a sweet remix.

Bend Don’t Break, 7 Deadly Sins: Envy
Tailgates & Truck Dates, Locals #1 –A 4-book series based in the small town of Athens. Lead character Madison seeks life in the big city and leave the small town behind.
Tailgates & Heartaches, Locals #2–Madison continues living in the big city, while her friends keep bringing her back to the small town.
Tailgates & First Dates, Locals #3–Tragedy causes Madison to return to Athens and no longer hide her secret from Memphis, her friends, and Hamilton.
Tailgates & Twists of Fate, Locals #4–Madison’s life is not as she planned.
What’s stronger family or career? 
Boxers or Briefs–Ali left everything behind to begin a new life in a new town. Finding an apartment, a car, a job—nothing proved as difficult as choosing Boxers or Briefs.
Third Wheel (Formerly the Surrogate Series, all in one book)–Two years apart seemed like an eternity when you grew up together. A Fourth of July trip reunites Jackson, Kennedy, and Taylor. The Three Amigos are together again, but they have issues to work through.
The Proposal, Surrogate #1
The Deed, Surrogate #2
The Confession, Surrogate #3