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Ladies of the Links #2 by Haley Rhoades

Ladies of the Links #2

by Haley Rhoades

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Ladies of the Links #1: A circle of friends, MFM Romance

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Giveaways x2–Celebrating the release of book #5 in the 7 Deadly Sins Series, I’m currently offering 2 giveaways to readers.

New Release: Uncaged, 7 Deadly Sins: Sloth is now available. It’s the fifth book in this stand-alone series To celebrate, I’m giving away 100 eBook copies of Uncaged in a Goodreads giveaway and 10 autographed copies of book#1 Bend Don’t Break, 7 Deadly Sins: Envy in a Rafflecopter giveaway. Details and links below.

Starting Monday, 6/27/22, enter to win 1 of 100 eBook copies of Uncaged, 7 Deadly Sins: Sloth by Haley Rhoades: Hurry, contest ends 7/9/22.

Starting Monday, 6/27/22, enter to win 1 of 10 autographed copy of Bend Don’t Break, 7 Deadly Sins: Envy by Haley Rhoades: a Rafflecopter giveaway Hurry, contest ends 7/5/22.


April 3, 2022

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Come See Me!

Two new author/book events have been added to my book tour for 2022; I hope you will mark your calendar and come. On April 30th, 2022, I will be an attending author at the North Iowa Book Bash (NIBB). On May 21st, 2022, I will be at the Willowbrook Mall in Mason City, Iowa. Find information on these reader/author events and others I will be at during my 2022-23 book tour at the link below. Plan a girls’ weekend, a couples’ trip, or swing in to see me in Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Minnesota, Tennessee, Nevada, or Massachusetts during my book tour in 2022 & 2023.

Click here for my 2022-23 Book Tour location & dates. Or scan this QR code:


Change is inevitable.

Changes are coming in the world of Haley Rhoades. As snow falls here in central Iowa, I’m taking a break from writing/editing tasks to update my platforms with fresh photos, new products, and new web pages. I detest these tasks more than editing, but as an independent author, they are my job. I don’t claim to be a social media whiz or a master in the creation of website correction–I’m far from it. I consider it a type of spring cleaning, an organizing of my social presence. So, bear with me as I’m under construction/renovation over the next day or two.

Stay hydrated, healthy, and happy.

–Haley Rhoades


Fall is short for Football


Fall is short for Football.

This is my mantra from September through November. I’m not a pumpkin spice sipping, admiring leaves color, puffy vest wearing, bonfire loving person.  So, I bury myself in books, writing, and college/professional football. I’m blessed with a spouse that knows me. He allows me to put up my Christmas tree on November 1st each year. Therefore, I’m counting down the days until Halloween passes.


I’m participating in the virtual I.O.W.A. Writers’ Room event the weekend of November 6-7th, 2021. I hope you will visit the webpage to meet new authors and find great new reads.



Lust—This book will be at the editor for the final time next week, with a release in November 2021.

Sloth—I’ve plotted it out. I’m anticipating the second draft will be complete by December First.

Remi & Nala –My second children’s book, written under the name Gretchen Stephens is currently with the illustrator. We are planning a release of book #2 in November 2021.


Books make great gifts. My romance books in sweet and steamy versions are favorites for readers age 16 and up. I offer books, decorations, and crafts on both Facebook and Shopify.

Links: Shop on my Facebook page here.

Links: Shop on my Shopify shop here.

In addition to my books, check out these two authors:

Find Author Zoe Adam’s Book Here

Find Pebbles Lacasse’s Book Here

Happy Reading!

Haley Rhoades


Anxious to Hear Your Thoughts…

As a reader how do you feel?

I’m looking for input/guidance regarding writing series of stand-alone books.

Should I finish one series before writing another?

Is it okay to write/release books in two incomplete series in same year?(Example: 7 Deadly Sins Series is 7 stand-alone books and incomplete)

Not sure there are rules, but would like input to make a sound decision.

Thanks for your time.

Jar Lid Pumpkins & Apples Crafts I’ve created recently when not writing.

April Update

Hello spring and hello fans!

I’m sorry I’ve been off the grid for a while; life is crazy and I was treading water. I’m back, my world is organized once again, and I’m writing.

April is Camp Nano or Camp Nanowrimo (a.k.a. Camp National Novel Writing Month) My goal this month is 50,000 words. I plan to write 25,000 in 7 Deadly Sins: Lust and 25,000 in 7 Deadly Sins: Sloth by April 30th. As of today, I’m on target to reach my goal. I’m also editing 7 Deadly Sins: Greed. The stress and craziness of Covid-19 has left me unable to focus on one book at a time from start to finish. Follow my progress on all three of these books on my social media platforms.

Contests: May 2021 will mark many special anniversaries for my writing and me. What does that mean? It means I will have several promotions and giveaways for you the readers. I’m currently working on posting these to social media. Keep an eye out for the giveaway announcements and spread the word.

Planning a vacation or a day trip? Why not visit one of these book/author events in a city near you? Many book events feature authors from all genres. These events are a great way to meet authors, get autographs, discover new books to read, and walk away with free stuff. Most communities schedule outings in the area that coincide with the book events. I’m currently attending events in Lawrence KS, Deadwood SD, Des Moines IA, Cedar Falls IA, Minneapolis MN in 2021. For 2022 and 2023 I’ll be attending events in Kansas City MO and St. Louis MO. Check out this link for up-to-date information on each of the events I will be attending.

For the most up-to-date information on all things Haley Rhoades please check out my website and social media platforms.