November Rain-Raining Randomness (Couldn’t resist The Guns and Roses reference)

November is upon us.
Confession-I am not where I planned to be by now.  My goal was to self-publish Book Two in The Surrogate Series-The Deed in October.  Although, it is close, I haven’t let it go live yet.  I’m finding it harder to release this baby into the cosmos.  I am very excited about it.  It’s better than The Proposal.  I am fine tuning some areas and will release soon.  🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
I had hoped to use NANOWRIMO to work on book three.  I will go ahead and start on book three this month, while I am tweaking The Deed.  Book three is consuming too much of my thoughts to postpone it. I guess I will split my days between the two to complete my tasks.  
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What is NANOWRIMO?-if you write, aspire to write, know a writer, or know a teen writer you must check out

The NANOWRIMO Website . There are great resources, groups, and challenges for writers of all genres and ages.

About Haley Rhoades-The writer’s life is a crazy one.  My work time is split between building my social media platform, connecting with fans and writers, along with writing.  Lately, my mind is chaotic.  I’m trying to edit book two while my mind has moved on to book three.  I am constantly making lists.  Ideas are constantly popping into my thoughts.  I am distracted by The Hallmark Channel’s Christmas Movies airing all day now, and thoughts of putting up my holiday decorations ASAP.  I am reading two to three books a week in my spare time. 

I need to focus. Perhaps today I will funnel my lists into a step-by-step plan to get things done. 
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