Chance Encounter


7 Cardinal Sins: Sloth. A Sweet, Friends to Lovers Romance Novel. Young Adult


When lust meets fate, the 7 Cardinal Sins await.

For Kendall it’s one year, five months, and fourteen days since the accident; every day is much the same as the day before in her life. Time passes and yet is stagnant. Outside the four walls of her apartment, the world continues to flourish without her.
A delivery mistake brings John knocking on her door. While he’s an unwelcome intrusion, something about him urges Kendall to let down one of her walls. Ever patient, John allows her to give what she can and doesn’t press for more. He fights an internal battle, needing to focus on protecting her from an unknown man that he sees everywhere he looks. She lives in a prison of her own making, while this stranger roams free. John longs to place him in a cage and let Kendall loose to fly.


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