Behind A Locked Door


Cardinal Sins: Gluttony. A Sweet Rockstar, Chance Encounter, Las Vegas Wedding Romance Novel. Young Adult


When Lust Meets Fate, the 7 Cardinal Sins Await.
Romantic twists on the 7 Deadly/Cardinal Sins, complete with Happily Ever After endings.

Montana Randall stands at a fork in the road, contemplating more college or start her career. Some call it fate; others call it destiny. Perhaps just a chance meeting, her life catapults in an entirely new direction at 100 miles per hour. Carson Cavanaugh lives a life emersed in concerts, fans, parties, and paparazzi. The rock star with the world at his fingertips, feels lost until he trips over the woman with dimples. Unraveling is not always a bad thing.

Cardinal Sins is a series of Stand-Alone books.


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