October Newsletter

Happy Fall ya’ll

October Already?

It doesn’t seem possible. If you asked me in May, I would have stated 2020 was taking forever to pass. Now, it’s October and I haven’t completed enough of my yearly tasks/goals. My favorite time of the year, Christmas Season is just around the corner.

My husband and I celebrate our 27th Wedding Anniversary this week. I’m blessed that I married my best friend—that’s our secret to surviving 27 years together. I’ve shared before, we’ve moved 13 times to 3 states during our marriage. Before leaving our small hometown, he promised to allow me to put up my Christmas decorations on 11/1 each year. Of course, I still hold him to that promise. This year, I’ve found a loop hole in his promise.  I have a large ghost in our living room as a Halloween decoration. Tee-he-he. Yes, it’s a Christmas tree dressed as a ghost.


Status Update:

I am writing and editing. The second stand-alone in the 7 Deadly Sins Series, Gluttony is in the editing phase, hoping for a December release. The first draft of the third stand-alone in the 7 Deadly Sins Series, Greed, is almost complete, with a release in January or February.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I detest the editing phase. Practicing avoidance this week I’ve dusted ceiling fans and mopped the kitchen floor. I find I am able to write for six hours a day, no problem. An hour or two is all I can tolerate editing in a day. I’ve created a list of rewards to give myself when I finish steps in the editing process. I hope they will motivate me to focus on completing edits sooner rather than later.

35 Free Romance Books (Click on Gold Links Below)

Along with other great authors, 2 of my books are available to download in last 3 giveaways below. (The Proposal, Surrogate Series #1 and Tailgates & Truck Dates, Locals Series #1)

Ella Cooper Riding Past Midnight

Prescription for a Lonely Heart

“If we’re both still single when we’re thirty, we’ll marry each other . . .”
The marriage pact was made during a lazy day at the beach, half in jest, and seemingly forgotten by the boy who started it.
But ten years later, Kay hadn’t forgotten. She’s still shy and introverted, not interested in relationships. So when Adrian reappears in her life—two years early—and asks her to marry him now, she surprises herself by agreeing.
So now she must deal with her mother’s disapproval, his brother’s hostility, and a load of self-doubt. Can she forge a real relationship with Adrian? Has he really changed from a ladies man to someone she can trust? Will she be able to let go of everything she’s ever thought she wanted and reach out to grab a new future?
Prescription for a Lonely Heart is the first book on the “Hearts in Glencoe City” series. This friends-to-lovers standalone romance features a marriage pact, a calm-but-sassy heroine, a himbo with a heart, and a HEA guaranteed.

Lara Norman, Love & Hate Under Lockdown

I never expected to be stuck in lockdown with my soon-to-be ex husband. 

Considering that he loves to rile me up so we can fight, which inevitably leads to sex, I don’t know how I’ll survive the next thirty days. There’s no way I’ll admit that I still love him, not when I hate him in equal measure. This is a short, steamy read meant to be enjoyed by adults in one sitting—unless you need to take a break for a cold shower.

Part of the Love Under Lockdown Series by your favorite erotic and erotic romance authors.

Deer Valley College

In high school, he was the guy who picked on me.
He didn’t know how to deal with his obsession over me.
I’ve done my best to ignore him.
Until…the alcohol hit, and for one night I gave in to him.
Now I have to deal with the consequences.
I never took his teasing to heart.
But will I be able to stop him from taking over me?

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September-Fall and Free Books

What does September hold for you?

We are headed west to Yellowstone & the Tetons on 9/3. I dread the hours in the vehicle, but many family and friends promise me it is worth it, even if it has already snowed once in the Black Hills. Of course, I’ll take my notebook with me to continue to work on Gluttony book #2 of the 7 Deadly Sins Series.

Am I alone?

I dread pulling out fall/winter clothing. For our vacation, I will need capris or jeans and socks. Normally I’m one of the last to don these items. I want to cross my arms over my chest and stomp my feet but will not as it’s for a family vacation. I’ll continue to pout internally.

Are you a pumpkin fan?

Do you anxiously await the release of pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin scents, and all things fall? I don’t. I’m a green and sunny fan, not a brown and dying fan. I find fall ugly, mess, and dread the winter it leads to. Living in the midwest, it brings cold rains followed by heavy snows. I won’t deny you your pumpkin…just keep it far away from me please.

Free Books!

We love them. I have a couple of ways for you to read my books and those from other authors for free.

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Freebies Galore

We all like free, right? Correction. We LOVE freebies. I have two freebies for you today.

First a free copy of my eBook, The Proposal, book #1 of the Surrogate Series. This book is a quick read, perfect for the weekend on the deck, on vacation, or at the beach and pool.

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Second a free preview of my eBook, Bend Don’t Break, 7 Deadly Sins: Envy.


Angelheart Saga–The End

The Angelheart Saga by Annie Woods

The wait is over—the final installment in the Angelheart Saga has arrived. In Beyond Forever, Annie Woods shares Erica’s journey as a new mother, a medical student, and a young woman torn between two men. Should there even be a choice? Sasha, aka Prince Alexandre of Andonia, is the father or her son, Peter. Tyler, the once annoying athlete turned her protector, now her estranged husband. Again, should there even be a choice to make? Erica’s life is far from a fairytale. She struggles to find her place in the world, while searching for love, and raising a son as a pre-med student. Prince Alexandre, while similar to the princes in stories of our youth, carries royal protocol, rules, and expectations with him. Life with a prince might look blissful from a distance, while in reality it’s hard work.

At times, I slammed my book closed frustrated only to pick it up later, dying to know what happens. For the last ten chapters, my husband laughed at my reactions, claiming they were only characters. Of course, I promptly informed him they don’t feel like characters, they are my best friends.

Who sparks desire in her heart now that the once thought dead Sasha reappears? Will she choose her first love Sasha the prince or will she and Tyler work through Peter’s father entering his life? I’d love to tell you…but no spoilers here.


Two of my Kindle books are free until 5/31/20.

When lust meets fate,

the 7 Deadly Sins await.

It’s a living, breathing beast churning tumultuously within me. It never rests; it shows its head daily as I enter ghosts from the life I wanted but was ripped away from me. I can’t ask him to give up a happy future to be with me.

This Kindle stand-alone is available free on Amazon until Sunday, 5/31.

Download Your Copy of Bend Don’t Break Here.

The road that takes you out of town,can also bring you back.

Life in the small town of Athens is easy, safe, and predictable. Madison has 4,724 reasons to leave Athens as soon as she can. Life in a small town is not for everyone, yet sometimes it’s difficult to escape. Madison and her best friend Hamilton leave together for college in the fall. Neither plans to return to life in Athens. Will one night derail Madison’s way out?

This Kindle stand-alone is available free on Amazon until Sunday, 5/31.

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My Interview in Uncaged Book Reviews

Check out my interview along with many other authors in several genres.

Hoover your mouse over the cover above and click the circle in the center for full screen mode.


March Madness

I ❤️ The NCAA Tourney & Bracket Challenge. Do you enter a bracket?

Spring draws near. Do you Spring Clean? Not me–No thank you. While my friends dust baseboards and wash windows, I simply rotate my warm weather wardrobe to my closet and dresser drawers.

New Releases:

Did you know I’ve released 2 books in 2020 already? I’ve been a busy girl. On 3/2 I released Bend Don’t Break. It’s a stand alone book in the 7 Deadly Sins Series. Bend Don’t Break contains the sin of Envy. While the series name might sound macabre, each story is a steamy romance. Check it out on Amazon.

On 1/26 I released the final book of the Locals Series. Tailgates & Twists of Fate is the final installment in the journey of Madison and Hamilton leaving small-town life for the big city.

Come See Me

Do you live in northern Iowa or the vicinity? Several authors from Iowa will be at the Mason City Mall for you to meet, browse books, get autographs, and grab some swag. I hope you will stop by and say hi to me.


On The Road March to September 2020

I hope you will attend one of the following author/book events in four Midwest states to meet me and view all of my books. Pre-order your books at the bottom of this page and save money by ordering before the event.

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Mason City, Iowa

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Deadwood South Dakota

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West Des Moines, Iowa
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Lawrence, Kansas
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Omaha, Nebraska
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Cedar Falls, Iowa
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Des Moines, Iowa

Pre-Order your paperbacks prior to any of the above events to ensure I don’t sell out of your favorite.

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Check out my interview on the podcast:

Haley Rhoades Interview with Authors on the Riverwalk,
an event that I will be an attending author at 9/12/2020. I share information about my family, my writing process, my books and the books I’m writing, and other fun facts.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast for author interviews from many authors that will be attending Authors on the Riverwalk 9/12/2020, in Des Moines, Iowa.


Day 6: Valentine’s Gift-Away