December 2020 Newsletter

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready for all of the anxiety 2020 caused to be over. Christmas is my favorite holiday and 2020 is affecting it, too. We won’t be visiting our family in Missouri or Northern Iowa this year. After following CDC recommendations to not travel for Thanksgiving, it seems harder to stay away again for Christmas. I hope that you are healthy and taking precautions to keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe. There will be an end…throughout history humans have survived the Plague, the 5 year epidemic in Athens around 430 B.C., The Antonine Plague from 165-180 A.D., The Black Death from 1346-1353, The Great Plague of London: 1665-1666, Philadelphia yellow fever epidemic of 1793, Flue pandemic of 1889-1890, American Polio epidemic of 1916 continued sporadically until the vaccine in 1954, the Spanish Flue 1918-1920, the Asian Flue of 1957-1958, and many more throughout history all ended. (Can you tell my sons are history buffs?)

My point is, there will be an end. We need to take precautions so we will see it end.

Puzzles & Games

Learning from last year, I’ve stocked up on puzzles and games to occupy our time on cold evenings and weekends. My first puzzle is spread out on the table and is Harry Potter themed. I have a process when I put puzzles together. Do you? My husband doesn’t; he just works on it.  I filter all of the side pieces from the box and put them together first. Then I divide the rest by three sections. One is a distinct color or prominent section of the puzzle, Another by the same guidelines. Then the rest is kept in the bottom of the box. I drive my husband nuts. Is there method to your attack?


I encourage you to use technology to keep contact with loved ones and friends. Video calls on your cell phone or computer are easy to use. I’ve participated in a Zoom Mary Kay facial party with guests from Mason City, IA, Geneseo, IL, and me in Des Moines, IA. It’s a new way to keep up some familiar get togethers. I participated in a two-day, virtual Iowa author/book event with fans. On Thanks giving the same three groups connected over Google to share how their Thanksgiving Day went and share the Gingerbread houses we made. I have video appointments with doctors and therapists. It’s the new normal, and by embracing it, I’m able to fill the loneliness that social distancing brings.

Use Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, Zoom, FaceTime, and many more to post videos to share with friends, interact live with each other, and much more. We all feel disconnected; these technologies can fill the void until we are able to reunite safely.

I released a Steamy and Sweet Version of Unraveled, 7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony on 11/25/20. It’s now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBook, and Kobo.

I’m currently working on my second draft of Greed in my series of stand-alone books called the 7 Deadly Sins. These are a light take on the sins and all have an HEA (Happily Ever After).

Shopping Online

Many of us are shopping online for our daily needs as well as holiday shopping. With many of my books available in a PG13 version and a steamy version, they make the perfect gifts for the readers in your family and group of friends. I’ve created a few craft items around the themes of my books and have those to purchase on my website, Etsy, and Shopify. More information is available at

Giveaway=2 prizes

I’m currently giving away a Romance Mystery Book Box on both Facebook and Instagram. The mystery is which of my books will be in the box with my bookish favorite things.

The instructions are simple. I’m including the link here for you to enter.  Please share with all of your family and friends. Contest ends on Wednesday, 12/16/20 and will have 2 winners.

Facebook Contest Post with Event Link

Instagram Contest Post with Event Link

There are only 2 steps to enter: The link above takes you to the contest post,

1-click on the event link in the post above and choose “going” or “interested”.

2-Then back on the link above comment “done”. You may type done on both links above to get 2 entries.


Most authors today are indie (independent) authors. We are our own small business that rely heavily on family, friends, and fans to help promote us. Liking, sharing, and commenting on my author posts on my social media platforms helps others find me and my books. Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub help me even more. Reviews of my book can be a few words: “quick read” “loved this book” “A must read”. Reviews of 3,4, & 5 stars are great, but writing a review, even short ones as mentioned above, carry more weight. Amazon, Goodreads, & BookBub promote my books for free as the number of written book reviews rise. It only takes a minute and means the world to authors like me.

I hope the holiday season brings health and happiness to each of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Haley Rhoades


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By haleyrhoadesauthor

Haley Rhoades’ writing is another bucket-list item coming to fruition, just like meeting Stephen Tyler, Ozzie Smith and skydiving. As she continues to write romance and young adult books, she plans to complete her remaining bucket-list items, including ghost-hunting, storm-chasing, and bungee jumping. She is a Netflix-binging, Converse-wearing, avidly-reading, traveling geek.
A team player, Haley thrived as her spouse’s career moved the family of four 10 times to four states. One move occurred eleven days after my C-section. Now with two adult sons, Haley copes with her newly emptied nest by writing and spoiling Nala, our precious Pomsky. A fly on the wall might laugh as she talks aloud to her fur-baby all day long.
Haley’s under five-foot, fun-size stature houses a full-size attitude. Her uber-competitiveness in all things entertains, frustrates, and challenges family and friends. Not one to shy away from a dare, she faces the consequences of a lost bet no matter the humiliation. Her fierce loyalty extends from family, to friends, to sports teams.
Haley’s guilty pleasures are Lifetime and Hallmark movies. Her other loves include all things peanut butter, Kansas City Chiefs, St.Louis Cardinals, Star Wars, mathematics, and travel. Past day jobs vary tremendously from an elementary special-education para-professional, to a YMCA sports director, to a retail store accounting coordinator, and finally a high school mathematics teacher.
Haley resides with her husband and fur-baby in a south Des Moines suburb. This Missouri-born girl enjoys the diversity the Midwest offers.
Reach out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or her website…she would love to connect with her readers.

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