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Happy Fall ya’ll

October Already?

It doesn’t seem possible. If you asked me in May, I would have stated 2020 was taking forever to pass. Now, it’s October and I haven’t completed enough of my yearly tasks/goals. My favorite time of the year, Christmas Season is just around the corner.

My husband and I celebrate our 27th Wedding Anniversary this week. I’m blessed that I married my best friend—that’s our secret to surviving 27 years together. I’ve shared before, we’ve moved 13 times to 3 states during our marriage. Before leaving our small hometown, he promised to allow me to put up my Christmas decorations on 11/1 each year. Of course, I still hold him to that promise. This year, I’ve found a loop hole in his promise.  I have a large ghost in our living room as a Halloween decoration. Tee-he-he. Yes, it’s a Christmas tree dressed as a ghost.


Status Update:

I am writing and editing. The second stand-alone in the 7 Deadly Sins Series, Gluttony is in the editing phase, hoping for a December release. The first draft of the third stand-alone in the 7 Deadly Sins Series, Greed, is almost complete, with a release in January or February.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I detest the editing phase. Practicing avoidance this week I’ve dusted ceiling fans and mopped the kitchen floor. I find I am able to write for six hours a day, no problem. An hour or two is all I can tolerate editing in a day. I’ve created a list of rewards to give myself when I finish steps in the editing process. I hope they will motivate me to focus on completing edits sooner rather than later.

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Ella Cooper Riding Past Midnight

Prescription for a Lonely Heart

“If we’re both still single when we’re thirty, we’ll marry each other . . .”
The marriage pact was made during a lazy day at the beach, half in jest, and seemingly forgotten by the boy who started it.
But ten years later, Kay hadn’t forgotten. She’s still shy and introverted, not interested in relationships. So when Adrian reappears in her life—two years early—and asks her to marry him now, she surprises herself by agreeing.
So now she must deal with her mother’s disapproval, his brother’s hostility, and a load of self-doubt. Can she forge a real relationship with Adrian? Has he really changed from a ladies man to someone she can trust? Will she be able to let go of everything she’s ever thought she wanted and reach out to grab a new future?
Prescription for a Lonely Heart is the first book on the “Hearts in Glencoe City” series. This friends-to-lovers standalone romance features a marriage pact, a calm-but-sassy heroine, a himbo with a heart, and a HEA guaranteed.

Lara Norman, Love & Hate Under Lockdown

I never expected to be stuck in lockdown with my soon-to-be ex husband. 

Considering that he loves to rile me up so we can fight, which inevitably leads to sex, I don’t know how I’ll survive the next thirty days. There’s no way I’ll admit that I still love him, not when I hate him in equal measure. This is a short, steamy read meant to be enjoyed by adults in one sitting—unless you need to take a break for a cold shower.

Part of the Love Under Lockdown Series by your favorite erotic and erotic romance authors.

Deer Valley College

In high school, he was the guy who picked on me.
He didn’t know how to deal with his obsession over me.
I’ve done my best to ignore him.
Until…the alcohol hit, and for one night I gave in to him.
Now I have to deal with the consequences.
I never took his teasing to heart.
But will I be able to stop him from taking over me?

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By haleyrhoadesauthor

Haley Rhoades’ writing is another bucket-list item coming to fruition, just like meeting Stephen Tyler, Ozzie Smith and skydiving. As she continues to write romance and young adult books, she plans to complete her remaining bucket-list items, including ghost-hunting, storm-chasing, and bungee jumping. She is a Netflix-binging, Converse-wearing, avidly-reading, traveling geek.
A team player, Haley thrived as her spouse’s career moved the family of four 10 times to four states. One move occurred eleven days after my C-section. Now with two adult sons, Haley copes with her newly emptied nest by writing and spoiling Nala, our precious Pomsky. A fly on the wall might laugh as she talks aloud to her fur-baby all day long.
Haley’s under five-foot, fun-size stature houses a full-size attitude. Her uber-competitiveness in all things entertains, frustrates, and challenges family and friends. Not one to shy away from a dare, she faces the consequences of a lost bet no matter the humiliation. Her fierce loyalty extends from family, to friends, to sports teams.
Haley’s guilty pleasures are Lifetime and Hallmark movies. Her other loves include all things peanut butter, Kansas City Chiefs, St.Louis Cardinals, Star Wars, mathematics, and travel. Past day jobs vary tremendously from an elementary special-education para-professional, to a YMCA sports director, to a retail store accounting coordinator, and finally a high school mathematics teacher.
Haley resides with her husband and fur-baby in a south Des Moines suburb. This Missouri-born girl enjoys the diversity the Midwest offers.
Reach out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or her website…she would love to connect with her readers.

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