Your End of the Month Reminder…(please take a minute)

As the end of the month approaches here is a friendly reminder to “tip” your authors. Amazon reviews are as good as tips to independent “indie” authors—please leave a few words for the books you’ve read. It only takes a minute. To Review on Amazon… To Review on Goodreads… Remember if you received a free […]

Cover Reveal – Tailgates & Truck Dates – The Locals Series Book One – By Haley Rhoades

Here it is my next book. Tailgates & Truck Dates Releasing Late-Summer 2018 It’s a journey through life in a small town with some that love it and some that want to escape it. Click here to add it to your TBR Shelf on Goodreads.

Tailgates & Truck Dates (The Locals Book 1) by Haley Rhoades

Closer and Closer Each Day I’m very excited about the progress on my current WIP (work in progress) Tailgates & Truck Dates. (Click to add it to your TBR Shelf) It is book one in the four-book series The Locals. Check out my Pinterest Boards with my visions for the town of Athens, MO and the […]